Automate Servers Inventory Reports in SCCM

This section describes the purpose and audience of this guide. Any terminology or acronyms used in this document will be referenced in the Glossary of the Appendix section.
The intent of this Servers Inventory Reports helps an administrator to trace the Servers inventory information.
This technical instruction applies to the SCCM Delivery Team. This work instruction does not cover tasks which are the responsibility of any other team.
1. No License.
2. Tool is created using Windows PowerShell (Integrated in Windows Operating System).
3. To avoid unauthorized person to modify this tool, converted to Executable file.
Tool will collect the Servers inventory information remotely and generate the reports as per the task scheduler.
1. We can avoid manual human efforts and time reduction to track the Servers inventory reports.
2. Tool will helps us when we are upgrading anything on Servers.
3. Servers Assets information can be managed in centralized Place.
4. Servers installed application audit reports.
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