Automate ConfigMgr Health Check Reports

This section describes the purpose and audience of this guide. Any terminology or acronyms used in this document will be referenced in the Glossary of the Appendix section.
The intent of this ConfigMgr Health Check Reports helps an SCCM administrator to ensure that the SCCM server are highly available and are performing at optimum levels.
This technical instruction applies to the SCCM Delivery Team. This work instruction does not cover tasks which are the responsibility of any other team.
1. No License.
2. Script is created using Windows PowerShell (Integrated in Windows Operating System).
Script will perform the SCCM Server Health Check report as per the task scheduler. Any issues then script will trigger an email alert.
1. We can avoid manual human efforts to capture SCCM Health Check reports and time reduction.
1. Separate service account or System Account is needed to execute this ConfigMgr Health Check Script.
2. SMTP access required only for Email notification alert (Optional).
How does it works:
Windows PowerShell script checks the SCCM Server Health status on SCCM server. Finally script will generate an HTML file along with identified issues then send an email notification alert to receipts email groups.
Important note:
1. Test this script on test environment before implementing to production environment. You will get an idea how that script is working.
2. While executing this script, script will always generate a log file with same file name in same folder path.
3. If script is not working as expected, Log file will tell you why the script is not executed properly.
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