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Create a master page using design manager in SharePoint

Create master page sharepoint 2010

Through this SharePoint customization tutorial, we will discuss how to create a master page using the design manager in sharepoint 2013/2016 or SharePoint Online. SharePoint Master Page Master Page: It is the common layout of a page that we use on every page. Default Master Pages in Sharepoint 2013: “Seattle” and “Oslo”. For Example:- I […]

Adding Line Bookmarks in SharePoint Designer 2013

While development sometimes we need to traverse between functions and for that what I had been doing is always hitting the Ctrl+F key to find my function by its name but there is a lot easier way around to do this and that is Bookmarking the line number which SharePoint Designer provides. How to do? […]

Project Site Creation Using Nintex Workflows 2013 based on a Enterprise Project Type

nintex workflow sharepoint 2013 tutorial

In this Nintex tutorial, we will discuss how to create a Project site using Nintex Workflows 2013 based on an Enterprise Project Type (EPT). EPT(Enterprise Project Type): In Microsoft Project Web App, an enterprise project type (EPT) represents a wrapper that encapsulates phases, stages, a single workflow, and Project Detail Pages (PDPs). Each EPT represents […]