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FIXED SharePoint 2013 Setup Error AppFabric is not correctly configured

AppFabric is not correctly configured SharePoint 2013

Introduction: If you are planning to install SharePoint 2013 on premise in any of the server, then go through the minimum hardware and software installation requirements for SharePoint 2013. There are few Prerequisites needs to be installed before installing SharePoint 2013. One of the prerequisites is “Windows Server AppFabric”. Cause: This Occurs when I have … Read more

SharePoint 2013 shortcut URL and hidden list

In this article I have explored lots of SharePoint 2013 shortcut URL and hidden lists useful for implementing different operation and achieving shortcut outputs on the basis of browser. Users and Permissions: People and Groups: _layouts/15/people.aspx Site Collection Admins: _layouts/15/mngsiteadmin.aspx Advanced Permissions: _layouts/15/user.aspx Master Pages: _Layouts/ChangeSiteMasterPage.aspx Read some SharePoint jsom tutorials: Working with JavaScript object … Read more

SharePoint 2013 Workflow App Permissions

workflow app permission sharepoint 2013

Create a SharePoint Designer 2013 Workflow associated with the security list and set it to start automatically when a list item is created. Once the user submits his comment, the Workflow will create the list item in the security list with the use of an app step. The initiator does not always have the rights … Read more

How to Call SharePoint Search using REST API

call sharepoint search using restapi javascript.png

This SharePoint Rest API tutorial, we will discuss how to call SharePoint search using Rest API. SharePoint 2013 provides a very powerful endpoint, which you can use to retrieve search results and query suggestions. The first thing which we have seen is the available SharePoint search endpoints Endpoint http://[host]/[site]/_api/search/query http://[host]/[site]/_api/search/postquery http://[host]/[site]/_api/search/suggest The simplest way to … Read more