Top 13 SharePoint 2019 new features + Deprecated and Removed Features in SharePoint 2019 Public Preview

Recently Microsoft released SharePoint 2019 public preview and here we will discuss few SharePoint 2019 new features and what are the features deprecated and removed in SharePoint 2019. Microsoft has already released SharePoint Server 2019 for production use and you can read below two SharePoint 2019 tutorials: SharePoint Server 2019 Download, Install and new features …

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Ports required for SharePoint servers

SharePoint 2013 server port numbers.png

I recently work on a project where we had to migrate SharePoint 2010 from old server to a new server. It was just Server migration not SharePoint full content Migration. My networking team doesn’t know how to find the Ports which should be open in new server to communicate with each other and for all …

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Hide attach file button in SharePoint

hide attach file button sharepoint 2013.png

This SharePoint customization tutorial, we will discuss how to hide the default attach file button from SharePoint list ribbon. By using the out of box approach we can disable the Attach File button from the ribbon in SharePoint list. The same way we can hide or disable the attach file option in SharePoint Online or …

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How to make SharePoint 2016 site read only?

sharepoint online make site read only.png

This SharePoint 2016 tutorial, we will discuss how we can make SharePoint 2013 site to readonly using PowerShell, through the browser and from sql server database. It will help you out on making your SharePoint sites read only which is mostly required during your SharePoint migration. These steps have been tested on SharePoint 2016, SharePoint …

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