Create Calendar Overlays Using Single Calendar App in SharePoint 2013 Online

sharepoint online calendar overlay colors

This SharePoint 2013 Online tutorial explains about SharePoint 2013 calendar overlay. How to create calendar overlays using a Single Calendar App in SharePoint 2013/2016/Online. Working with the Single SharePoint calendar, we can keep track of the events in an efficient way which can be done with the help of a Single SharePoint calendar we will look …

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SharePoint 2013 system status notifications

sp.ui.notify.addnotification sharepoint online

Here we will discuss how we can show system status and notifications in SharePoint 2013. Why to go for Status and Notifications: Whenever we need to notify user about some field value or when we want to describe the current state of the form, we usually go ahead and use Alerts or Message box. Well …

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Read Outlook Emails and Add Email Content in SharePoint List

office 365 save email to sharepoint

This SharePoint 2013 tutorial, we will explore how to read an email in Outlook and add the content of the email body to a SharePoint List in SharePoint 2013. We can achieve this by writing a C# console application using Microsoft Exchange Web Services. If we talk about a requirement, let’s take a part of …

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SharePoint 2013 Left Navigation or Quick Launch Menu Customization

sharepoint 2016 left navigation menu customization

This SharePoint 2013 left navigation menu customization tutorial explains how to customize left navigation or quick launch menu customization in SharePoint 2013/2016 or SharePoint Online. Here we will discuss how we can create custom left navigation (quick launch) using out of box features without using any custom solution in SharePoint 2013. As we know that there …

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SharePoint bcs step by step

create external content type sharepoint 2016

SharePoint bcs step by step, in this tutorial, we will discuss everything about the business data connectivity service SharePoint 2013. We will check here: How to start a secure store service in SharePoint 2013 How to create a new secure store service application in SharePoint 2013 How to create an external content type in SharePoint …

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Show/Hide/Disable HTML Controls using jQuery

How to disable/enable an element with jQuery

In this jQuery tutorial, we explore multiple ways to hide, show and disable HTML controls using jQuery. We are trying to handle multiple scenarios with their solutions. We also explored new tricks to hide, show and disable bulk of controls using jQuery. Scenario 1:I have created a custom HTML Table. Adding multiple different type of …

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