Kwizcom Forms state management interview questions and answers

Here are few statemanagement interview questions. You can also check Asp.Net questions and answers as well as some interview questions and answers.

Also check some statemanagement in articles.

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What are different statemanagement techniques available in

What are the client side statemanagement techniques ?

What are the server side statemanagement techniques ?

What is difference between client side statemanagement techinque and server side statemanagement techinque?

Where the view state data will be stored?

Is it possible to store view state in server side?

How do you enable or disable a ViewState for a control on the page?

How do you enable or disable a ViewState at the page level?

Difference between Session and Cache?

What is ViewState? What are the advantages and disadvantages of view state?

What are cookies? How many types of cookies are there?

What are advantages and disadvantages of cookies in Asp.Net?

What is the difference between Session Cookies and Persistent Cookies?

How do you create a Cookie that never expires?

What are the limitation of query string?

What is a Session?

What is the default session timeout period? And how we can change the session timeout?

How do you end a user session?

How to store sessions in SQL server database?

What are in-proc and out-proc sessions in

What is difference between sessions and applications?

What are cookieless session in

What are the Session State Modes?

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