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Asp.Net interview questions and answers in Lotex Business Solutions

Here are Asp.Net interview questions ans answers which were asked to me in Lotex Business Solutions.
1- What is OOPS ? Give me the detail description. [Answer here]
2- What is polymorphism. Explain me by giving the example.
3- What is static polymorphism and run time polymorphism ?
4- What is method hiding ?
5- What are the colletions you have used in your project ?
6- What is view state ? [Answer Here]
7- How many types of session management are there ? [Answers Here]
8- What are the types of server side session management ?
9- What is the difference between Application state and session ?
10- What is cookie ? [Answer Here]
11- Suppose there are two sites. First site is creating cookie XXX and second site is creating cookie XXX. Is this possible that first site will able to access the XXX cookie created by second site ?
12- What is view ?
13- Is this possible to insert the data into table using view ?
14- What is complex view ?
15- Is this possible to insert the data into table in complex view ?
16- How we will able to insert the data into table using complex view ?
17- What is trigger ? Why trigger is used ? [Answer Here]
18 – What is stored procedure ? [Answer Here]
19- How many types of stored procedure are there and what are they ?
20- How to declare local variable and global variable in sql server ?
21- What is DML ?
22- What is DCL ?
23- What is indexing ? How many types of indexing are there ?
24- If I will created indexing in all columns in the table  then what happen ?
25- In which scenario you have used WCF in your project ?
26- How to secure a WCF service ?
27- How to validate a text box using javascript ? [Answer Here]
28- How to bind a grid view using javascript ?
29- Suppose you are using update panel in your page. In button click suppose error will arrise then how you will handel the error ?
30- Suppose there is two drop down list in your page. You want to bind second drop down based on the selection of first drop down. Then which ajax contol you will use ?
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