Apps packaging in SharePoint 2013

This SharePoint 2013 tutorial explains apps packaging in SharePoint 2013. Microsoft introduced SharePoint Apps or Add-in model in SharePoint 2013/Online. You can develop various Apps or Add-ins for SharePoint.

There are two kinds of Apps or Add-in you can develop in SharePoint 2013.

  • SharePoint Hosted Add-in or Apps
  • Provider Hosted Add-in Or Apps

Below are some points you should remember on SharePoint App or Add-in packaging.

– A new packaging format is used for apps which enable apps to be hosted outside of SharePoint and integrated into Microsoft Office.

– The extension of Add-in or App is .app.

– The main file name is AppManifest.xml which contains the properties (properties like Name, Title, Version number, Permission etc.) and links to other files and this file is necessary to package an app correctly.

– Also, it contains files like Resource files, Data-tier application Packages (DACPACs), and Web Deploy Packages etc.

– App package file is nothing but a .zip file. You can rename this with .zip extension and can view all the files in Windows Explorer.

– There are two places where you can publish your package: The public office store and an internal organization app catalog. As the name suggests The public office store is the place from where other users can view and download your app. And the internal organization app catalog is the place which is used for internal deployment only.

– For publishing the app, you need to give the client ID, client secret etc are necessary which you can provide through Publish Office apps Wizard.

Once the work is finished in the wizard, Visual Studio automatically generates the files needed to publish your app and these files are presented in <app>\bin\Debug\app.publish folder.

All apps contain the .app file, which can be uploaded to the App Catalog site for deployment.

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Hope this SharePoint tutorial will give you an idea on App packaging in SharePoint 2013.

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