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Application Pages in SharePoint 2013

Here we will discuss application page in SharePoint 2013.

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An application page is an ASP.NET Web page that is designed for use in a SharePoint Web site. Application pages are a specialized type of ASP.NET page. The primary difference between an application page and a standard ASP.NET page is that an application page contains content that is merged with a SharePoint master page. A master page enables application pages to share the same appearance and behavior as other pages on a site.

Application pages in SharePoint 2013 is a very useful concept.

– Application pages are shared across all sites on the server farm.

– They are deployed under C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\15\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS folder.

– They are available through a virtual directory namely _layout.

– These pages are basically for administrative tasks.

– To create an application page using Visual Studio 2015 is very easy. By using the template Application Page you can create an application page. You can check out: How to create application pages in SharePoint 2013 using Visual Studio 2013?

– By default, the page will use the default.master page.

– The page is derived from the base class LayoutsPageBase which is derived from Microsoft.SharePoint.WebControls namespace.

– Application pages cannot be personalized or customized by the end user because they are defined on the file system.

– Example of the application page is settings.aspx.

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