App Life Cycle Management in SharePoint 2013

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Following Managing the App Life Cycle in SharePoint 2013:
1. Coding
2. Packaging
3. Deployment
4. Installation
5. Update
6. Removal

SharePoint apps are coded using a development tool such as Visual Studio. Most professionally produced apps will be done using Visual Studio. Some internally developed apps within an organization may use Napa, but managing the full app life cycle is best done using the full Visual Studio toolset.

Packaging, also known as publishing, an app refers to the process of compiling the app’s components into a structured deployment file that has an app manifest and an .APP file name extension.

Deployment is the process of copying the app package file to a distribution point. This is will be either the SharePoint Store or a private App Catalog.

Installation occurs when a user goes to the SharePoint Store or App Catalog and requests that the app be installed in a particular SharePoint web site.

Like any software product, apps need to be updated from time to time. The update process is designed to allow the components of an app to be updated without adversely impacting the data stored in sites where the app is already installed. Because it includes its own coding, packaging, deployment, and installation phases, and may occur multiple times over the lifetime of an app.

Also called uninstallation, this process happens when a user requests that the app be removed from a web site. This has the effect of removing any artifacts that the app installed in the SharePoint host web along with the entire app web and, optionally, any auto-hosted remote web site associated with the app.

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