All Apps Templates are not visible while Adding an App in SharePoint 2013

Recently while trying to add an app to my SharePoint 2013 site, I am not able to see all the Apps templates. Here we will discuss how to resolve this.

This is a SharePoint 2013 team subsite and I have the Full Control to this subsite. But still, when I click on Add an App, I am only able to see Report Library, Data Connection Library, Asset Library, and Import Spreadsheet apps in the Your Apps page like below:

All Apps Templates are not visible in sharepoint

I am not able to see the Custom List, Document Library, Form library, etc.

All Apps Templates missing in SharePoint

Definitely, this is not related to any permission issue since I am having the Full Control permission as well as I am able to create Custom List using SharePoint designer 2013.

When I checked the Feature “Team Collaboration Lists“, it has been Deactivated. So the solution is to Activate the “Team Collaboration Lists” feature.

To activate this Click on the Settings icon then Site Settings. In the Site Settings page, click on Manage site features under the Site Actions section. This will open the Site Features page. Search for the “Team Collaboration Lists” feature and click on Activate. See fig below:

sharepoint all apps templates missing

Now try to add an app, you should be able to see the Apps.

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Here, we learned how to fix All Apps Templates are not visible while Adding an App in SharePoint 2013/2016 or SharePoint Online.

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