Adding Line Bookmarks in SharePoint Designer 2013

While development sometimes we need to traverse between functions and for that what I had been doing is always hitting the Ctrl+F key to find my function by its name but there is a lot easier way around to do this and that is Bookmarking the line number which SharePoint Designer provides.

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How to do?

I believe it is quite simple. Steps -:

1. To add bookmark to a line just bring your cursor to that point where you want to locate frequently and hit the Ctrl+F2 key . Example – : lets say Your cursor is in line number ‘x ‘ just hit the Ctrl+F2 , bookmark will be added to that line .

2. Now lets say you move to line number ‘y ‘ which may be thousands line after ‘x ‘ and you want to reach to line number ‘x ‘ directly . You have 2 options -:

a) Remember the Line Number ‘x ‘ and hit the Ctrl+G key and provide the exact line number(which is ‘x ‘) . I don’t like this as I am not good at remembering line numbers .So I will go with second approach.

b) As I had already added the bookmark in line number ‘x ‘ I will just hit the ‘F2’ key and I will be directed to the line number ‘x ‘ from any line number . This is really wonderful and saves a lot of time .

Note -: 1) You can add ‘n’ number of Bookmarks.
2)You can traverse forward by hitting ‘F2’ key and backward by hitting ‘Shift+F2’ key .
3)If you want to clear your bookmarks hit Edit Tab present in ribbon bar of designer and click on ‘Clear Bookmarks’.

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