Adding Filter in the Refinement Panel of the Search Page in SharePoint 2010

In this article, we will discuss how to add Filter in the Refinement Panel of the Search Page in SharePoint 2010.

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Following are the steps to add a refinement in the refinement panel of the SharePoint page.

Extract XML of the Filter Category Definition

we need to extract the xml of the Filter Category Definition from the existing default refinement panel.

A. In your browser, navigate to the results page URL:

B. On the Site Actions menu, click Edit Page.

C. In the Refinement Panel Web Part, click the edit arrow to display the Web Part menu, and then click Edit Web Part. This opens the Web Part tool pane.

D. In the Refinement section, clear the Use Default Configuration check box.

E. In the Refinement section, click the ellipsis (…) button for the Filter Category Definition field.

This opens the Text Entry window for the Refinement Web Part’s FilterCategoriesDefinition property. You can modify the XML directly in this window; however, you may find it easier to copy the code to a file.

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