A Planned Approach to Convert Lotus Notes Message to Outlook

There are only two names that top the list when it comes to Email Management Systems – Microsoft Outlook and IBM Lotus Notes, as online customers give preference to either of these two applications. Both of these applications are integrated Email systems that feature much beyond than being a mere Email client.

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Microsoft Outlook and IBM Lotus Notes, both are competent enough to provide optimized solutions to customers on the basis of contacts, mail messages and other relevant mail information such as journals, tasks, to-do-lists, calendars, etc. Nevertheless, it seems Outlook has got an edge over Lotus Notes due to several reasons. It has made online users to shift their gear and change the Email application programs to Outlook. The primary reason for such a drastic shift is seen due to heavy cost bearing factors with IBM Lotus unlike Outlook, which is cost-effective.

A heavy cost-bearing factor associated with IBM Lotus Notes:

– IBM Lotus Notes in itself is costly software to purchase
– Heavy charges are required for installing the software owing to complex features
– Lotus Notes requires frequent maintenance, increasing the repair and servicing cost
– Due to the complex interface, this software urges high training and technical assistance cost.
– Owing to the complex technical configuration, IBM Lotus Notes demands high pricing for online desk support

Cost-effectiveness with Microsoft Outlook has raised its demand in the online market:

– Microsoft Outlook is a very cheap software, which is the prime reason for its success in the online market
– Due to simple user-interface, the software is very easy to install and requires minimal installation cost
– No such maintenance cost is needed, making Outlook price competitive in the market
– The user has the freedom to work upon this software without investing heavy cost in training
– It is quite easy to work on Outlook, and no such Online desk support is required

Convert Lotus Notes Message to Outlook:

Certain mind-boggling features of low maintenance cost, simple user-interface, and less technical assistance make Microsoft Outlook a clear winner in the domain Email Management Applications. This has created a hue amongst online users for changing their Email Platform from IBM Lotus Notes to Outlook. Therefore, users constantly look for a conversion tool, which could transfer NSF Email Files to PST Format in a smooth way.

The wisest decision while choosing third-party conversion software is to thoroughly scrutinize its features. Export Notes Software is one such conversion tool available in the online market, which makes sure to Transfer NSF files to PST format in a quick and optimized way, ensuring to preserve all the old Email information. This software comes with a free demo version, which gives end-users a wide option to recognize the productive worth of Export Notes tool.

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