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5 things you should do to create excitement on your intranet

SharePoint intranet example

Below are 5 things you should do to create excitement on your intranet in SharePoint.

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Replicate social trends:

Follow what is happening on social media religiously. It is always a strong reflection of what people enjoy doing. Be it a “Selfie Post” or an invitation to play “Candy Crush”, each one of those will tell you what works when it comes to engaging people. Today’s intranets have enough technology horsepower to replicate any of these functionalities. Get your people to participate in ‘Selfie Competitions’, play games or reward them through gamification techniques to encourage contribution.

SharePoint intranet example

Excite people to click on the buttons

If you are presenting information on your intranet in a boring, traditional manner and expecting people to come and click on those boxes, it won’t work. Bring some excitement to it. Use techniques such as “Did you know…” and put some really teasing statements to force people to wonder what’s on the other side of the click. You need to have some innovative journalists creating these teasers for you.

Take the information to people, which they keep looking for

Instead of putting what you want people to read, put what people are trying to read. Get a whiff of the latest buzz, do a bit of research on what people have been searching for (either through search engines or human channels) and get that information right on their homepages. Be it templates, status report, pictures or forms, make it available to them with more ease.

Make it intelligent and pretty

A rare combination isn’t it? But your intranet can surely be both. Get your UI branding team to make it look as if it was born in your organization and not adopted from a third-party? Make it intuitive and brand aligned. Don’t let everyone see the same content, allow people to see what is of interest to them and aligned to their role, making your intranet more intelligent.

Align it with key corporate initiatives – Show what you believe in

Your intranet is a powerful channel of change management. If you are running initiatives like “Go Green”, “Lean Manufacturing”, “Employee Centricity” or anything else, get some banners to express it loud and clear. Run quizzes, opinion polls and games to seek people’s opinion. Make a big deal out of it.

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