How to create custom webpart in SharePoint 2013 step by step

Create Visual WebPart using Visual Studio 2013 in SharePoint 2013

In this SharePoint tutorial, we will discuss how to create custom webpart in sharepoint 2013 step by step. The same approach also can be followed for “how to create custom webpart in sharepoint 2016 step by step“. Here basically we will create a custom visual web part sharepoint 2013 using visual studio. Apart from this, …

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SharePoint Online Image Slider or Carousel Example

sharepoint 2010 image slider

In this SharePoint online tutorial, we will see how to create an Image slider using JSOM in SharePoint Online (sharepoint online image carousel). Here we are using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to create the image slider. Image sliders are very important components of a website and these provide a beautiful, classy, and attractive look to …

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Get sharepoint site template PowerShell + (SharePoint Object Model)

Retrieve all site templates using PowerShell and retrieve site templates using SharePoint 2016 server object model

In this SharePoint tutorial we will discuss, how to get SharePoint site template using PowerShell. Also, we will discuss how to get SharePoint site templates programmatically using SharePoint server object model. If you want to retrieve site templates in SharePoint Online, you can check how to retrieve all site templates available in SharePoint Online using …

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