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SharePoint Forum Topics (1274)

How to hide ribbon save button in SharePoint 2010?
By: Aditi Das       19-Sep-2014 9:38 PM       Category: jQuery,Silverlight,JavaScript and AJAX       Views 58       0 Reply
Hi All,I want to disable or hide the save button or the entire ribbon from the edit form of a sharepoint 2010 list. Can any one tell m
How to set rules for ribbon Save button in InfoPath 2013?
By: Aditi Das       19-Sep-2014 9:37 PM       Category: Infopath       Views 50       0 Reply
Hi All,I have an InfoPath 2013 form which I want to make some mandatory fields through Rules. Can I set the rules to fire on Save butt
InfoPath error-Your user name or group membership cannot be verified because the form's security settings do not permit it
By: Aditi Das       19-Sep-2014 4:43 AM       Category: Infopath       Views 68       0 Reply
Hi All,While working with existing InfoPath forms, while opening the form it is showing error as "Your user name or gro
SharePoint 2013 - Sorry apps are turned off. If you know who runs the server, tell them to enable apps
By: onlysharepoint2013       19-Sep-2014 4:42 AM       Category: SharePoint 2013 Apps       Views 73       0 Reply
Hi All,When trying to add Apps, I am getting the below error in SharePoint 2013. "Sorry, apps are turned off. If you know who ru
SharePoint Managed Accounts error: Managed Account could not be deleted because other objects depend on it.
By: Aditi Das       19-Sep-2014 4:40 AM       Category: PowerShell       Views 98       0 Reply
Hi All,After deleting all the service applications and managed account from SharePoint server by using following PowerShell commands,
Infopath 2010 - How to select value in dropdown using rule?
By: Sujatha       18-Sep-2014 9:15 PM       Category: Infopath       Views 73       0 Reply
Hi AllI have a list form which contains a field (say Status) and I have a dorpdown that contaings values like India and US. Now while
InfoPath 2010 Binding a non repeating control to a repeating field
By: Sujatha       18-Sep-2014 8:59 PM       Category: Infopath       Views 56       0 Reply
Hi All,In my infopath form I had a multiple select checkbox control was there which contains 5 check boxes. Now I want to convert that
Dialog box validation messages are not supported error in infopath 2010
By: Sunitha       17-Sep-2014 7:56 PM       Category: Infopath       Views 53       0 Reply
Dialog box validation messages are not supportedShowing a validation message is not supported list forms. The dialog bo
Sorry something went wrong The BrowserFormWebPart Web Part appears to be causing a problem
By: Sunitha       17-Sep-2014 7:55 PM       Category: Errors       Views 59       0 Reply
Hi All,I have a list that we have customized using infopath form and we have opening the infopath form from a link. When I click on th
Conditions in rules limited to 5 in InfoPath in SharePoint?
By: Sunitha       17-Sep-2014 7:48 PM       Category: Infopath       Views 58       1 Reply
Hi All,I have put some condition in a rule for a button. My requirement is it should not save the values if 7 fields are blank. So I a
How to auto populate manager in infopath people picker in sharepoint 2013?
By: Sunitha       17-Sep-2014 7:48 PM       Category: Infopath       Views 39       0 Reply
Hi All,I want to autopopulate manager name of the employee which is logged in now in an infopath people picker control.
InfoPath cannot save the following form: template
By: Sunitha       17-Sep-2014 7:46 PM       Category: Infopath       Views 99       0 Reply
Hi All,I got the below error while trying to save the infopath form. The error message coming as:InfoPath ca
Infopath cannot find or cannot access the specified web service description
By: Sunitha       17-Sep-2014 7:45 PM       Category: Infopath       Views 90       0 Reply
Hi All,While creating a data connection by using the SOAP service to retrieve that from userprofile service I got the below url:
wsstracing error in uls log
By: dan       17-Sep-2014 3:07 PM       Category: SharePoint 2013       Views 86       0 Reply
the server cpu goes high for a while then goes back to normal in about 15-20 minutes looking at the process and its wsstracing.exe checking the log
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