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SharePoint list item level permissions for multiple users? on 15-Nov-2017 12:49 PM Sujatha SharePoint Security 118 0
How to delegate permissions to other users who can add modify and delete content in SharePoint Online? on 02-Nov-2017 4:33 PM SharePointSky SharePoint Security 273 0
SharePoint Document library Document should be edited by user who has uploaded it on 24-Oct-2017 4:20 AM SharePointSky SharePoint Security 225 0
How to make wcf service for authentication of user in SharePoint 2013? on 09-Oct-2017 12:29 PM SharePointSky SharePoint Security 592 0
How to retrieve all unique permissions report in SharePoint online site collection? on 03-Oct-2017 5:56 PM Daniel SharePoint Security 147 0
How to migrate people and groups column from moss 2007 List to SharePoint 2013? on 23-Apr-2016 7:22 AM Sujatha SharePoint Security 594 0
How to give read access to few list and library in parent site in child site in SharePoint 2013? on 13-Dec-2015 7:18 AM onlysharepoint2013 SharePoint Security 650 0
How to get list of all users having permissions to SharePoint site? on 29-Oct-2015 9:17 PM Sujatha SharePoint Security 610 1
How to check user permission in all sites or sub sites inside site collection in sharepoint 2013 online? on 01-Oct-2015 6:53 PM Aditi Das SharePoint Security 895 1
Single sign on between SharePoint 2013 on premise environment to SharePoint 2013 online cloud environment possible? on 24-Jul-2015 8:25 AM Bijay Kumar SharePoint Security 1017 0
What permission required to activate site features in SharePoint 2013? on 02-Jul-2015 5:58 PM Sunitha SharePoint Security 871 0
What permission required to customize list views using SharePoint designer 2013? on 02-Jul-2015 5:57 PM Sunitha SharePoint Security 600 0
SharePoint Groups or AD Groups which should we use? on 26-May-2015 6:23 PM Sunitha SharePoint Security 859 1
What permission needed to edit a site column in SharePoint 2013? on 22-May-2015 7:22 PM onlysharepoint2013 SharePoint Security 793 0
How to check what permission I have in SharePoint 2013? on 18-May-2015 6:40 PM Bijay Kumar SharePoint Security 806 4
How to get current user group using JavaScript client object model in SharePoint 2013? on 02-Feb-2015 8:16 PM Aditi Das SharePoint Security 1114 0
How to check if current user belongs to a specific SharePoint group using JavaScript client object model? on 02-Feb-2015 8:15 PM Aditi Das SharePoint Security 1239 0
How to check if current user belongs to specified sharepoint group? on 02-Feb-2015 8:14 PM Aditi Das SharePoint Security 772 0
How to add user to group using JavaScript client object model code? on 02-Feb-2015 8:07 PM Sowjanya SharePoint Security 1297 0
How to get user added date to SharePoint 2013 group? on 02-Feb-2015 8:06 PM Sowjanya SharePoint Security 867 0
How to know who and when created sharepoint group? on 02-Feb-2015 8:05 PM Sowjanya SharePoint Security 765 0
How to give anonymous access to SharePoint 2013 document library? on 10-Jan-2015 1:01 PM Sowjanya SharePoint Security 822 0
How to allow users to submit items to list or document library but not to delete? on 07-Jan-2015 9:09 PM Aditi Das SharePoint Security 864 0
What permission needed to create permission level in sharepoint 2013? on 07-Jan-2015 9:05 PM Aditi Das SharePoint Security 659 1
How to give item level permission to site pages items in SharePoint 2013? on 04-Dec-2014 5:07 AM Anusha SharePoint Security 930 1
you do not have permission to view the membership of the group sharepoint 2013 on 04-Dec-2014 5:06 AM Daniel SharePoint Security 2411 0
Ideal way of adding users to SharePoint group in SharePoint 2013? on 04-Dec-2014 5:05 AM Anusha SharePoint Security 842 0
Add Page option not appearing in SharePoint 2013 on 06-Nov-2014 8:50 PM SharePointSky SharePoint Security 1089 0
How to give page level permission to specific pages in SharePoint 2013? on 22-Oct-2014 11:39 AM onlysharepoint2013 SharePoint Security 796 0
How to get list of sites accessible to specific security group in SharePoint 2010? on 23-Apr-2014 8:58 AM Sujatha SharePoint Security 1468 1

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