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How to create web part page through SharePoint hosted add-in in SharePoint Online? on 30-Jan-2017 8:39 PM Daniel SharePoint Apps 208 0
How to add web part to a web part page using SharePoint hosted add-in in SharePoint online site? on 30-Jan-2017 8:39 PM Daniel SharePoint Apps 227 0
How to use People picker control in Provider hosted app in SharePoint 2013? on 24-Dec-2016 5:45 AM Anusha SharePoint Apps 135 0
How to populate People picker control in SharePoint hosted app? on 24-Dec-2016 5:44 AM Anusha SharePoint Apps 126 0
Failed to provision file into host web. Error:undefinedMinor version limit exceeded SharePoint 2013 Apps on 01-Nov-2016 3:32 AM Anusha SharePoint Apps 314 0
Sorry apps are turned off. If you know who runs the server tell them to enable apps on 26-Oct-2016 5:50 AM RajKishore Sahoo SharePoint Apps 411 0
Error:The specified command ID Microsoft.VisualStudio.SharePoint.Commands.GetServerVersion does not match any available SharePoint remote commands. on 26-Oct-2016 5:49 AM RajKishore Sahoo SharePoint Apps 198 0
Exception handling in sharepoint 2013 apps on 17-Oct-2016 5:50 PM Sarita Panda SharePoint Apps 180 0
Error occurred in deployment step Activate Features A timeout has occurred while invoking commands in SharePoint host process on 10-Oct-2016 12:45 PM Sujatha SharePoint Apps 207 0
MSBUILD error MSB1008 only one project can be specified while generating app file in SharePoint 2013 on 08-Oct-2016 5:34 PM Daniel SharePoint Apps 262 0
this content cannot be displayed in a frame SharePoint 2013 Apps on 13-Sep-2016 4:50 PM Sarita Panda SharePoint Apps 359 0
The required version of SharePoint Foundation or SharePoint Server is not installed on this system. The target version of the SharePoint project is 15.0 while developing SharePoint hosted Add-in on 17-Aug-2016 6:41 AM Bijay Kumar SharePoint Apps 831 0
After adding apps styles not appearing while visiting SharePoint Apps on 17-Jul-2016 5:23 PM onlysharepoint2013 SharePoint Apps 472 0
SharePoint 2016 Apps Error The App domain for this site has already been assigned on 09-Jul-2016 12:45 PM Aditi Das SharePoint Apps 369 0
How to deploy sharepoint app from one server to another? on 26-May-2016 7:35 AM Ipsita SharePoint Apps 564 0
The size of the response from the remote endpoint exceeds the configured limit error SharePoint 2013 on 02-May-2016 2:14 PM Ipsita SharePoint Apps 334 0
SP.ClientCOntext is undefined error while developing SharePoint hosted app in SharePoint 2013 on 23-Apr-2016 5:37 AM Sujatha SharePoint Apps 459 0
why add an app page showing loading sharepoint 2013 on 10-Jan-2016 6:24 AM Bijay Kumar SharePoint Apps 1165 1
When to choose for SharePoint hosted app and when to choose for provider hosted apps in SharePoint 2013? on 09-Dec-2015 12:37 AM Sujatha SharePoint Apps 408 0
How to use JSLink on SharePoint Online as Office 365 on 10-Sep-2015 6:03 PM hongwoo jin SharePoint Apps 826 0
How to give custom error message in SharePoint 2013 Add in Install event? on 03-Sep-2015 4:36 AM Sujatha SharePoint Apps 778 0
Another job exists for this app instance error while uninstalling SharePoint 2013 App on 21-Aug-2015 7:36 PM Bijay Kumar SharePoint Apps 1781 0
Where can I see all my sharepoint hosted apps in SharePoint 2013 online site? on 19-Aug-2015 5:11 AM Sujatha SharePoint Apps 835 0
How to convert SharePoint solution wsp to a SharePoint app? on 13-Aug-2015 7:36 PM Bijay Kumar SharePoint Apps 729 0
Unable to send email from a sharepoint site contact page on 30-Jun-2015 8:41 AM Chukwudi Awaibe SharePoint Apps 737 0
The length of the URL for this request exceeds the configured maxUrlLength value error in SharePoint 2013 REST API on 03-Jun-2015 7:27 PM Priya SharePoint Apps 1765 0
Sideloading of apps is not enabled on this site error while developing SharePoint 2013 Apps on 03-Jun-2015 7:14 PM Priya SharePoint Apps 757 0
How to use Bootstrap in Provider hosted app in SharePoint 2013? on 03-Jun-2015 7:13 PM Priya SharePoint Apps 950 0
How to prevent user to access list data using Rest API if has no permission in SharePoint 2013? on 07-Apr-2015 8:26 PM onlysharepoint2013 SharePoint Apps 926 0
Can I access data from another site collection from a SharePoint hosted app in SharePoint 2013? on 07-Apr-2015 8:24 PM onlysharepoint2013 SharePoint Apps 704 0

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