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SharePoint Articles By Category: Windows Azure (21)

Introduction to cloud computing and Microsoft Azure
Posted By Bijay Kumar
16-Apr-2017 6:09 PM
Category : Windows Azure
Views 1190
Here we will discuss about cloud computing and Microsoft Azure.Cloud Computing:First we will discuss what is cloud computing. Now a days lots of companies adopting and moving to cloud. So it is necessary to understand what is cloud computing, advantages we are getting from cloud.In case o...

Create Configure and Use SQL Server Database using Microsoft Azure
Posted By vinodh
24-Mar-2017 7:22 PM
Category : Windows Azure
Views 783
In this Article I had explained how to create, configure and SQL Server database in Microsoft Azure.Open Microsoft Azure Portal.Logged in with your subscription Microsoft accountIn your portal Click New -> SQL databaseAlso you can read my previous posts on:- Create a responsive navigat...

Distribute user requests Azure Web site instances in Microsoft Azure
Posted By Sambita Rath
11-Nov-2016 6:12 PM
Category : Windows Azure
Views 623
We usually scale out of the application by adding website instances for Azure websites.Understanding of Service plan below. Kindly refer MSDN link for more details and decide which will work for your project need.Free service plan will have only one instance created for your website and y...

Storage Analytics Data Retention Policy in Microsoft Azure
Posted By Sambita Rath
11-Nov-2016 5:44 PM
Category : Windows Azure
Views 814
As per MSDN: Azure Storage Analytics performs logging and provides metrics data for a storage account. You can use this data to trace requests, analyze usage trends, and diagnose issues with your storage account.Storage Analytics doesn’t delete any logging data and keeps writing till reac...

Download Blobs from Azure Container using PowerShell
Posted By Sambita Rath
11-Nov-2016 5:33 PM
Category : Windows Azure
Views 510
We already discussed in my previous post to create container and upload blobs (video files).There will also requirement to download blob files to local folder.We can write console application or powershell script to get it done.I am sharing the powershell script to download blobs from spe...

Design Windows Azure Application with Azure Table partitioning approach
Posted By Sambita Rath
11-Nov-2016 5:17 PM
Category : Windows Azure
Views 482
Azure table is No-SQL database .It’s cheap, perform well and easy integration if you are looking store large amount of structured data.For one of the requirement we were using Azure Table for azure application.The application had many departments and each department will have different da...

Copy blobs from one storage container to another storage Container in Microsoft Azure
Posted By Sambita Rath
10-Nov-2016 7:17 PM
Category : Windows Azure
Views 1485
In my previous post we discussed how to create storage container and upload video files to it.We had further requirement to move the files from one container to another container.As I have mentioned in my earlier blogs we can achieve by console application and powershell script.I will be ...

Create Azure Storage using PowerShell and upload video file
Posted By Sambita Rath
10-Nov-2016 7:09 PM
Category : Windows Azure
Views 1455
What is use of Container?I will explain in simple one line statement. Containers are basically used to pack many applications into single physical server.Azure Container Service provides simplified configuration to create, configure and manage cluster virtual machines. It provides contain...

Azure Blob Storage video streaming and performance: do you have similar requirement?
Posted By Sambita Rath
10-Nov-2016 6:51 PM
Category : Windows Azure
Views 449
We had come across with requirement for one of the project where the application was completely moved to Azure. The application had many video file reference which was earlier maintained in on premise Server and there was lots of performance issue client was facing.The application was use...

Custom Azure Add-in People picker control
Posted By Sambita Rath
30-Aug-2016 3:37 PM
Category : Windows Azure
Views 1050
We need to ensure below three things to have people picker control in the app.1. Add div tag and define the properties as per below screenshot in default.aspx under pages folder.2. Ensure office.controls.peoplePicker.js file is added under scripts folder.3. Now open appmanifest.xml file f...

Create Azure App and Deploy to SharePoint Online as an App Step by Step
Posted By Sambita Rath
08-Aug-2016 1:10 AM
Category : Windows Azure
Views 1951
In this post we will discuss how we can create an azure app and deploy it into SharePoint online as an app. Step by step process to create Azure app and deploy to SP Online as an app. The steps also include how to add the app as webpart to the page.1. Download publishing settings file fro...

Azure Content Delivery Network CDN
Posted By Sambita Rath
25-Jul-2016 5:12 PM
Category : Windows Azure
Views 735
We are going to discuss Azure Content Delivery Network today. It’s important to understand the need of using CDN and how it works.Azure CDN is used to cache static web content for better performance and user experience. It’s actually distributes the user requests and send requests to Edge...

Office 365 SharePoint Online User Profile Custom Attribute Mapping with Azure AD attribute
Posted By Sambita Rath
21-Jul-2016 5:45 AM
Category : Windows Azure
Views 1633
Creating custom user profile attribute in SharePoint 2013 /2010 is very common requirement.User Profile Service in SharePoint 2013/2010 allows to create profile attribute and map with AD attribute. After making the mapping we have to start the sync and on successful sync, value will be up...

How to create a Linux virtual machine in Windows Azure Portal?
Posted By Prashant Kumar
20-Jul-2016 7:05 AM
Category : Windows Azure
Views 1360
In this post we will discuss how to create Linux (Ubuntu) Virtual machine using Azure. We are creating with our Azure subscription, if you don't have an Azure subscription, you can create a free accountin just a couple of minutes.- Login to the Azure portal site using your subscription id...

Steps to Create Azure Webapps and Download Publish Profile in Windows Azure
Posted By Sambita Rath
19-Jul-2016 5:19 AM
Category : Windows Azure
Views 1289
Creating Azure webapps is quite straight forward process. If you want to create any Azure Add-in for Office 365 then the 1st step would be create Azure Web app.I will further provide steps to create webapp and download publish profile. Publish Profile is an important file in Azure solutio...

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