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SharePoint Articles By Category: SharePoint 2013 (161)

Working with SharePoint Dialog Box various operations sample code
Posted By Rakesh Nayak
10-Aug-2016 4:10 AM
Views 914
In this article we will discuss about how to work with dialog box in SharePoint. We will discuss about the below point:1. Open SharePoint dialog2. Close SharePoint dialog from server side button click(button in the dialog)3. Close SharePoint dialog from client side click event4. Pass valu...

How to disable Loop Back Check in SharePoint 2013 or SharePoint 2010
Posted By Prashant Kumar
16-Jul-2016 2:22 PM
Views 610
In this post we will discuss how we can disable loop back check in SharePoint 2013 or SharePoint 2010. When you access SharePoint web apps from the SP sever, it keeps on prompting for authentication. I wish the installation of SharePoint could have taken care off.Also read:- How to check ...

SharePoint 2013 Configuring User Profile Services to import Emails
Posted By Prashant Kumar
12-Jul-2016 7:06 AM
Views 432
In this post we will discuss how we can configure User profile services to import emails in SharePoint 2013. Follow below steps:1. Go to Central Administration2. under the "Application Management" click on "Manage service applications"Also read:- Create custom button in ribbon for list or...

Different features available in Office 365 SharePoint 2013 SharePoint 2010 and MOSS 2007
Posted By Prashant Kumar
05-Jul-2016 6:01 AM
Views 1850
In this post we will discuss about various features which are presented in Office 365, SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2010 and Moss 2007.Also check out:- Extract all list names from SharePoint 2013 site to csv- SharePoint Server 2016 Beta 2 and SharePoint 2016 RC Single Server Farm Technical...

How to make SharePoint 2013 site collection read only and restrict delete?
Posted By Prashant Kumar
29-Jun-2016 2:50 AM
Views 1295
In this post we will discuss how we can make SharePoint 2013 site collection read only and restrict delete. You can apply locks to a site collection to prevent users from updating content or you can temporarily prevent users from accessing the site collection.Also read:- SharePoint Server...

SharePoint Enterprise Feature Activation 2013
Posted By Prashant Kumar
29-Jun-2016 2:23 AM
Views 494
SharePoint Server can be licensed in one of two editions: Standard and Enterprise, which is determined by the license key applied to the server. This key may be applied at installation time, or afterwards through Central Administration.We can change this version after or before installati...

Latest Updates for SharePoint Foundation and Server 2013
Posted By Prashant Kumar
29-Jun-2016 2:07 AM
Views 202
Starting with the April 2015 release, all Office 2013 updates will only apply if Office 2013 SP1 is installed. SeeKB2817430for more information about acquiring Office 2013 SP1 for client products, andKB2880552for more information about SP1 for Office 2013 server products. The following p...

SharePoint 2013 Event 6398 The Execute method of job definition Microsoft.Office.Server.UserProfiles. UserProfileImportJob threw an exception
Posted By Prashant Kumar
26-Jun-2016 7:35 AM
Views 1010
In this post we will discuss how to resolve the issue: The Execute method of job definition Microsoft.Office.Server.UserProfiles. UserProfileImportJob threw an exception in SharePoint 2013.Source of Error : Application LogApplication Name : SharePoint FoundationEvent Id : 6398Error Messa...

Apps for SharePoint 2013 NOW SharePoint 2013 Add-ins
Posted By Bijay Kumar
21-Aug-2015 8:22 PM
Views 4254
Microsoft changes a name from apps for SharePoint to SharePoint Add-ins. Simillarly apps for Office name changed to Office Add-ins. Microsoft already updating our products, documentation, samples, and other resources to reflect the platform name change from "apps for Office and SharePoint...

Move Sharepoint Databases To New SQL Server
Posted By Bijay Kumar
21-Jun-2016 7:44 AM
Views 1260
SQL Server is a relational database service on the leading market of SQL Server engine. It provides various performances, business continuity, scalability with no downtime, data protection etc. It is mainly used on the organization platforms for data integration, data analysis, and proces...

How to work with content type column in calculated field in SharePoint 2013 after migrating from Moss 2007?
Posted By Bijay Kumar
24-Feb-2016 5:44 PM
Views 1124
In this post we will discuss how we can work with Content Type column field in calculated column in SharePoint 2013. Just to let you know that this issue we face in one site which we have migrated from Moss 2007 to SharePoint 2013. There in one the list they we using a calculated column w...

Working with Content Type Hub in SharePoint 2013
Posted By Bijay Kumar
29-May-2016 2:25 PM
Views 1738
In this post we will discuss how to work with content type hub in SharePoint 2013. Content types are very useful component in SharePoint. Microsoft provides a centralized location to create, manage & publish content types known as content type hub.This is nothing but a site collection...

How a SharePoint based case management system (MetaCaseDesk) can help in building customer loyalty?
Posted By Susheel Seth
28-Apr-2016 8:42 PM
Views 1040
Customer loyalty to an enterprise or organization hinges on the level of customer service rendered. The latter should be of high quality, consistent efforts should be made to improve the level of service and a customer centric approach must be adopted and implemented. Case management syst...

Limitation of SharePoint Solutions and Advantages of SharePoint Add-ins
Posted By Bijay Kumar
15-Apr-2016 6:19 PM
Views 1640
In this post we will discuss what are the limitations of SharePoint farm solutions, limitation of sandboxed solutions and the advantages of SharePoint Add-ins (Previously known as Apps). Microsoft introduced farm solutions in MOSS 2007 version and to overcome to an extent the limitation o...

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