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programmatically Trigger button onclick for dynamic created controls
Posted By jayabharathi
26-Feb-2015 8:32 AM
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Hi Friends,Trigger button onclick for dynamic controls created programmatically Example: If an anchor tag is created in code behind and onclick should be trigger in code behind. Create control in code behind(In aspx.cs page): <a href='#' onclick=getDocuments(", item["ID"], ",'", it...

SharePoint GAC or Bin which assembly will load first?
Posted By Bijay Kumar
07-Feb-2015 6:49 PM
Views 2014
This is a common question if you have an assembly in GAC and also in the Bin folder of the web application, then which one get called at runtime? I followed this article and I think this is the best answer to this question.Also check out:- New actions in SharePoint designer 2013 workflow:...

Code Acceptance Checklist in SharePoint
Posted By Sagar Pardeshi
09-Nov-2014 4:22 PM
Views 1877
This article provides a Code Acceptance Checklist for SharePoint. Code Acceptance Checklist Coding Naming Convention SharePoint Poor Performing vs Better Performing SharePoint SharePoint Security Note: Please mark "Y" for implementing, "N" for not implementing standards ...

Top 10 SharePoint development company in India
Posted By Bijay Kumar
10-Nov-2013 6:43 PM
Views 7851
Here are the Top 10 SharePoint development company in India. And these are my personal view so please do not take it in any other way. Also check put some posts on:- Configure On Premise environment for Apps in SharePoint 2016- SharePoint 2016 List View Auto Indexing Automatic Index Manag...

SharePoint Migrations with Column Mapping
Posted By dshiftbyxavor
26-Sep-2012 9:50 AM
Views 3336
dSHIFT is pleased to inform you that in response to popular demand, the latest version of our Migrator for SharePoint now supports mapping columns and content types prior to the migration of your SharePoint content. This column-mapping feature allows you to map single or multiple columns ...

Assess your readiness for SharePoint 2013
Posted By dshiftbyxavor
26-Sep-2012 9:49 AM
Views 3622
Many organizations around the world are looking forward to upgrade to SharePoint 2013 when it’s launched, and some of them have already started considering how to consolidate, restructure and migrate over to SharePoint 2013 from legacy SharePoint environments.Migration to SharePoint 2013 ...

What you can do with Sandboxed Solutions?
Posted By Bijay Kumar
12-May-2012 11:33 PM
Views 4536
In this article we will discuss what we can develop using SharePoint 2010 Sandboxed solution. Before this I will recommend you to read my last article on What is Sandbox Solutions in SharePoint 2010?- You can develop web part but not Visual web part provided by SharePoint 2010. But that w...

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