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SharePoint Articles By Category: Sharepoint Customization (87)

Hide Notebook link from SharePoint online site quick launch
Posted By Bijay Kumar
08-Jul-2017 11:07 AM
Views 189
Here we will discuss how we can hide or remove the Notebook link from SharePoint online site quick launch. By default if you will open any SharePoint online site then you can see the "Notebook" link used to appear in the quick launch.In the behind, there is a feature associated with the N...

SharePoint Online Office 365 Hide Browse and Page tab from page using css
Posted By Bijay Kumar
05-Jul-2017 5:56 PM
Views 251
In this post we will discuss how to hide BROWSE and PAGE tab which comes in the ribbon in SharePoint online office 365 site. By default the BROWSE and PAGE tab comes in the ribbon like below:We can hide this by simply using css.Also you can read:- How to connect to SharePoint online site ...

Enable tree view in Office 365 SharePoint Online sites
Posted By Bijay Kumar
26-Mar-2017 1:53 PM
Views 736
Here we will discuss how we can enable tree view in Office 365 SharePoint Online site as well as in on premise site. There is a slight difference step in enabling tree view in SharePoint on premise and online.Enable Tree View in On Premise Site:We can easily enable tree view in on premise...

Create a responsive navigation menu using managed metadata navigation in SharePoint server 2013
Posted By vinodh
22-Mar-2017 6:31 PM
Views 1821
In this article I have explained how to create a responsive navigation menu in SharePoint server 2013. Let's follow this port to create and configure metadata service application.Managed metadata service in SharePoint 2013.Open SharePoint siteNavigate to site settings -> Navigation -&g...

How to use Save Site as Template option in SharePoint 2013?
Posted By Shruti Singh
22-Jun-2016 5:44 PM
Views 1695
In this post we are going to create Save Site as Template in SharePoint 2013. Here you can follow these Steps for creating Save a Site as Template in SharePoint 2013.Also read:- Excel Add-in to publish and sync Excel tables to SharePoint Online or On Premise Lists- Steps to Publish InfoPa...

SharePoint 2013 How to Enable or Disable Delete Icon in Ribbon On List Item Selection
Posted By Sagar Pardeshi
12-Apr-2016 4:15 PM
Views 1756
In this article I will explore how to handle the delete icon on list item selection (enabling/ disabling) based on the logged in user using CSOM/REST API services using jQueryScenario: The scenario is to disable the delete icon in the ribbon on the List item selection. But when any user l...

Show Ribbon for ListViewWebPart on Page SharePoint 2013
Posted By Bijay Kumar
14-Mar-2016 2:45 PM
Views 1728
In this post we will discuss how we can show ribbon for listviewwebpart on page in SharePoint 2013. By default if you have multiple list view web part in page sometimes you will be able to see the Files and Libraries tab in the ribbon for document libraries. Or if you have list in the pag...

Remove unwanted HTML tags from SharePoint
Posted By Mythili Ranganathan
13-Mar-2016 6:41 AM
Views 1259
In this post we will discuss how we can remove unwanted html tags from SharePoint. In real time, we see unwanted HTML tags in SharePoint Web pages. These get displayed when we open a SharePoint view item or in form display lookup values with special character.Also read:- SharePoint 2013 L...

How to show slideshow in SharePoint 2013 Online?
Posted By Bijay Kumar
09-Mar-2016 2:36 PM
Views 1436
In this post we will discuss how we can show slide show in SharePoint 2013 online site. Recently in one of SharePoint 2013 online site, they wanted to show a slide show in a specific page. Out of box SharePoint 2013 provides a slide show view in picture libraries. Here we will discuss how...

SharePoint 2013 web part adder section not appearing wpadder was missing
Posted By Bijay Kumar
26-Feb-2016 4:55 PM
Views 1875
In this web part we will discuss how we can resolve the wpadder was missing issue in SharePoint 2013. When we are trying to add a web part by clicking on Add a web part link, the web part section did not appear in the ribbon. Here we were using a custom master page in our site and these s...

SharePoint 2013 Steps to Create Top Navigation using XMLDataSource
Posted By Bijay Kumar
23-Feb-2016 6:25 PM
Views 1524
In this post we will discuss how we can create a top navigation menu by using xml data source in SharePoint 2013. Here the menus will appear from a xml file.Also read:- How to extract dll from assembly folder and Install Uninstall DLL into Global Assembly Cache?- Creating a SharePoint-Hos...

SharePoint 2013 Hide Ribbon from Anonymous users
Posted By Bijay Kumar
20-Feb-2016 6:31 PM
Views 1403
In this post we will discuss how we can hide ribbon from anonymous users in SharePoint 2013. If your site is accessible by anonymous users then we can hide the ribbon from anonymous users by doing the following customization.Also read:- Add an app page showing loading sharepoint 2013- Vie...

SharePoint 2013 online Show color in different color based on status column value in SharePoint 2013 using Calculated column
Posted By Bijay Kumar
03-Feb-2016 4:00 PM
Views 3341
In this post we will discuss how we can show colors based on status column value in SharePoint 2013 using calculated column. Here I have a test list which has a choice column known as "Status" column and it has values like:StartedInProgressIncompleteCriticalDoneAlso read:- Build hyperlink...

SharePoint 2013 Article Pages showing HTML tags
Posted By Bijay Kumar
01-Feb-2016 1:43 PM
Views 1366
In this post we will discuss how to solve the article pages showing html issues in SharePoint 2013. Recently while working in a Moss 2007 to SharePoint 2013 project we saw in one page, rather than coming as proper html text, it appears as html tags as shown in the fig below:Also check out...

SharePoint 2013 Issue Team Site appearing two times in Collaboration tab while creating sub site
Posted By Bijay Kumar
29-Jan-2016 6:00 PM
Views 1260
In this post we will discuss how to resolve the issue which comes while creating sub site in SharePoint 2013 site. Recently while creating a sub site I saw Team Site template was appearing two times in Collaboration tab in Select a template. It was appearing like below:You can also read:-...

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