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How to Test SMTP server using Script in SharePoint 2016 or SharePoint 2013?
Posted By Prashant Kumar
26-Dec-2017 6:23 PM
Views 1257
Here we will discuss how we can test our SMTP server is working fine or not by sending a Test Email using PowerShell Script. It will work for SharePoint 2016, SharePoint 2013 as well as SharePoint 2010.This blog will describe you about how can we identify and confirm that our outgoing con...

How to make SharePoint 2016 site read only?
Posted By Rahul Dagar
13-Dec-2017 5:03 PM
Views 823
In this post we will discuss how we can make SharePoint 2013 site to readonly using PowerShell, through browser and from sql server database.It will help you out on making your SharePoint sites read only which is mostly required during your SharePoint migration.These steps have been teste...

Configure Alternate Access Mapping in SharePoint 2016
Posted By Krishna Vandanapu
08-Dec-2017 7:16 PM
Views 866
What is Alternate Access Mapping (AAM)? in SharePoint 2016/2013?Alternate Access mappings in SharePoint allows you to create multiple URLs for the same web application. This will helps users from the internal company networks users to access intranet site by simply using http / https URL ...

SPUtility.SendEmail with StringBuilder and Powershell in SharePoint 2016
Posted By Krishna Vandanapu
27-Nov-2017 6:09 PM
Views 1563
In this article we will learn how to leverage StringBuilder and Powershell to send an minimal HTML body email using SPUtility.SendEmail in SharePoint 2016.Scenario:We have to send an email to loan users with the details of their loan approval and pending information. In this email we want...

Cannot complete this action as the Secure Store Shared Service is not responding. Please contact your administrator in SharePoint 2016
Posted By Krishna Vandanapu
22-Nov-2017 4:45 PM
Views 677
Introduction:Secure Store Service is a shared service that provides storage and mapping of credentials such as account names and passwords. It enables you to securely store data that provides credentials required for connecting to external systems and associating those credentials to a sp...

Managed Paths in SharePoint 2016
Posted By Krishna Vandanapu
15-Nov-2017 1:46 PM
Views 1343
In this article we are learning what Managed path is in SharePoint and how to create managed path from both Central admin and PowerShell. This is applicable to both SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2016.What is Managed Path?In SharePoint we can specify the custom path in URL namespace of a ...

SharePoint 2016 User Profile Service Application (UPSA) configuration step by step tutorial
Posted By Krishna Vandanapu
06-Nov-2017 10:15 AM
Views 1935
This article we will learn step by step by approach to configure "User Profile Service Application (UPSA)" in SharePoint 2016. The steps are similar like User Profile service application configuration in SharePoint 2013.Here we will also discuss about My Site configuration in SharePoint 2...

SharePoint Server 2019 Coming soon
Posted By Bijay Kumar
06-Oct-2017 8:43 AM
Views 582
Microsoft has announced at Ignite that next version of Office which will be known as Office 2019 will be released in mid 2018. Office 2019 will contains apps like Word, Excel and PowerPoint as well as Exchange, SharePoint and Skype for Business. There will be another on premise version of...

Content type in SharePoint 2016 tutorial
Posted By Bijay Kumar
17-Jan-2017 4:28 PM
Views 2258
Content Types :A content type is an entity that uses site columns to define a schema of fields for an item in a list or a document in a document library. The content types are defined outside the scope of any list or document library. A content type defines a field collection that is reus...

Testing SharePoint 2016 or 2013 or SharePoint Online REST API using Postman Part-1
Posted By Bhawana Rathore
01-Jan-2017 4:56 AM
Views 1949
Testing SharePoint 2016 or 2013 or SharePoint Online REST API using Postman Part-1

Clearing cache to view SharePoint missing components in SharePoint 2016 or SharePoint 2013 or SharePoint 2010
Posted By Bhawana Rathore
15-Nov-2016 5:05 PM
Views 2317
In SharePoint, we all in our life experience this issue once where many times we are unable to view some of the SharePoint components like missing Profile name, different login name, missing links in web part or any other pages’ contents which usually we can have access. So, this is not r...

Lotus Notes to SharePoint Migration Blog
Posted By Mythili Ranganathan
19-Sep-2016 5:26 AM
Views 2493
In today’s IT world, all organizations wants to get away from the word ‘Legacy’ and the applications related to this legacy. Business wants to thrive their strategy and achieve their goals by moving away from this legacy applications and migrate to web based applications which can be used...

Connections to the SharePoint server are currently disabled because the project is in Offline mode error while developing SharePoint Hosted App for Office 365 SharePoint Online
Posted By Bijay Kumar
02-Sep-2016 5:27 AM
Views 895
In this post we will discuss how to resolve the issue which comes while deploying a SharePoint hosted app to Office 365 SharePoint Online site. Recently while trying to deploy a SharePoint hosted app I got the below error like below:Connections to the SharePoint server are currently disab...

Create an App using Import Spreadsheet Option in SharePoint 2016
Posted By Bijay Kumar
22-Jul-2016 3:58 AM
Views 12382
SharePoint 2016 / 2013 provides an app which we can use to create a list with the columns and data presented in an existing spreadsheet. But you should make sure to follow few guidelines for the spreadsheet.- Make sure your spreadsheet looks like a table with no blank columns or rows.- Ma...

July 2016 CU for SharePoint Server 2016 is available for download
Posted By Prashant Kumar
15-Jul-2016 6:11 PM
Views 1165
By following this blog from Stefan Gobner: The product group released the July 2016 Cumulative Update for SharePoint Server 2016 product family. This is the...

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