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SharePoint Site Backup and Restore using MicroSoft SharePoint Office designer 2007
Posted By Mark Willium
18-Jul-2016 3:54 AM
Category : Moss 2007
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Do you want to move your SharePoint site to another server? If YES then you can do this with the help of MS SharePoint office designer 2007. You will have to perform three operations side by side to accomplish this task.Backup SharePoint Site -> Create an empty designation site -> R...

Breadcrumbs navigation in MOSS 2007
Posted By RajKishore Sahoo
24-Dec-2012 11:19 AM
Category : Moss 2007
Views 5361
SharePoint uses breadcrumb navigation to let users keep track of where they are.In Web-site terms, breadcrumbs are site paths created to mark your progress as you navigate through the site - and they also show how to navigate back to where you started from.Breadcrumbs in SharePoint look l...

New user account does not have a valid SID history migrateuser SharePoint 2007
Posted By Amardeep Singh
18-Dec-2012 8:49 AM
Category : Moss 2007
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In this post we will discuss how to resolve an issue which comes while trying to migrate user using stsadm command.Also you can check out:- Create SQL data connection in infopath in SharePoint 2013- How to deploy sandboxed solution in SharePoint 2010?- Get all users from web application i...

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