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SharePoint 2013 Read Outlook Emails and Add Email Content in SharePoint List
Posted By Akash Kumhar
30-Dec-2017 5:48 PM
Views 740
Introduction:In this article, we will explore how to read an email in Outlook and add the content of the email body to a SharePoint List in SharePoint 2013. We can achieve this by writing a C# console application using Microsoft Exchange Web Services.Scenario:If we talk about a requiremen...

Steps to hide SharePoint list item attach file button in SharePoint online
Posted By Rahul Dagar
14-Dec-2017 5:59 PM
Views 1080
Here we will discuss how we can hide the default attach file option in SharePoint list in SharePoint online. This applies to SharePoint Online, SharePoint 2016/2013 and SharePoint 2010 also. There are two ways of doing this: one from GUI and other from PowerShell. Here we will see how we ...

User Information List in SharePoint 2016 or SharePoint 2013
Posted By Krishna Vandanapu
06-Dec-2017 4:37 PM
Views 1053
Most of us know that SharePoint has many hidden lists to perform various tasks. Now we are doing deep dive on "users" list. This list is one of the important list exists at site collection level. The hidden Users list was there from MOSS onwards and you can see this list even in SharePoin...

We re having a problem opening this location in file explorer. Add this web site to your Trusted Sites list and try again SharePoint 2016
Posted By Krishna Vandanapu
16-Nov-2017 11:19 AM
Views 964
Recently while working with SharePoint 2013 document library anf when we clicked on Open with Explorer View, it gave the error: We're having a problem opening this location in file explorer. Add this web site to your Trusted Sites list and try again.Issue:When I am trying to open the Shar...

The file fileaname is not checked out. You must first check out this document before making changes.
Posted By Bhawana Rathore
02-Oct-2017 10:58 AM
Views 594
In this post we will discuss how we can resolve the below issue which comes while uploading files using CSOM (Client side object model (Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.dll)). Were trying to upload few files to a document library using .Net managed object model code. But while uploading it gav...

ListCreationInformation does not contain a definition for ListTemplate and no extension method ListTemplate accepting a first argument of type ListCreationInformation could be found
Posted By Bhawana Rathore
18-Sep-2017 3:02 AM
Views 247
In this post we will discuss how we can resolve the below issue which comes when we were trying to create a SharePoint list from a custom list template using ( .net managed object model code.We have followed the below article to create the list using custom list template.- How to c...

SharePoint online Change SharePoint ListView To Jquery Accordion Using JSLink Client Side Rendering
Posted By vinodh
14-Aug-2017 12:13 AM
Views 2232
Here we will discuss how we can change SharePoint ListView To Jquery Accordion Using JSLink in SharePoint online. We will change sharepoint list view to collapsible look and feel using JSLink.What is jquery accordion?Jquery accordion helps to display the contents in a collapsible view.Let...

How to remove or hide Replace It button from file upload dialog box in SharePoint online?
Posted By Bijay Kumar
05-Jun-2017 3:32 AM
Views 1211
Here we will discuss how we can hide the "Replace It" button from the "A file with the same name already exists" dialog box in SharePoint Online Office 365 site. If you are adding any document to a document library which is already exists then it will show a dialog box with two buttons li...

Save list as a template in SharePoint 2013
Posted By vinodh
17-Jan-2017 5:53 PM
Views 904
In this article I have explain how to save sharepoint list as template with or with out content to another sharepoint siteOpen a sharepoint team site or publishing site. Navigate to add an app. Click on "Custom List" to add a list. Give a name and click on Create like below:In the list, H...

How to enable and use Content Approval in SharePoint 2013 document libraries?
Posted By vinodh
13-Jan-2017 6:31 PM
Views 1127
In this article I have explain how to enable content approval for a documents in sharepoint library and how we can use it. To do this follow below steps:First open sharepoint team site and the create a document library. Then from ribbon click on library settings to go to the library setti...

Display more then three views in SharePoint 2013 or SharePoint 2016 list
Posted By Bijay Kumar
31-Oct-2016 5:34 PM
Views 2772
In this post we will discuss how we can show more than three views in SharePoint 2013 list or library. This will work for both SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2016 also. If you have not started SharePoint 2016 yet, you can see some new features, if you want to install SharePoint 2016, then...

Working with Enterprise Metadata and Keywords Settings for List and Document library in SharePoint Online
Posted By Bijay Kumar
09-Aug-2016 3:03 AM
Views 2655
In this post we will discuss how we can work with Enterprise Metadata and Keywords for a list or document library in SharePoint Online. For this particular example I have create a custom list based on Announcement template.Enterprise metadata and keywords will help you to add meta data to...

SharePoint 2016 List Validation Example Announcent Expiry Date Should be greater than or equesl to Created Date
Posted By Bijay Kumar
23-Jul-2016 10:10 AM
Views 1907
In this post we will discuss an example of list validation in SharePoint 2013. Here I have an out of box Announcement list. In the announcement list there is a Title, Body and Expires column. The Expires column is a date and time column which indicates the expiry date of the annoucement. ...

Different between SharePoint list and Document library
Posted By Bijay Kumar
20-Jul-2016 7:49 AM
Views 1045
Here we will discuss what is the difference between a list and document library in SharePoint. Once you start with concepts like list and document library, this question comes to mind first, what is the difference between a list and a document library? Where should I use list and where sh...

Rename or Hide SharePoint 2016 List Title Column
Posted By Bijay Kumar
16-Jul-2016 4:41 AM
Views 1926
When you will create a custom App by default it will add one column name as Title and the datatype is single line of text. But sometimes the column name does not suite to your business requirement. But SharePoint does not allow us to delete the column neither it allows to change the data ...

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