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SharePoint Custom List Field Colour set background colour using jQuery

Play video in sharepoint site using jquery

SharePoint: Custom Media Video Player using JQuery

SharePoint 2010: Show Welcome message session wise Using jQuery

Fields Autocomplete for SharePoint 2010 using jQuery SPServices

Posted By SagarP
30-Jan-2014 11:21 AM
Views 704

SharePoint 2010 Jquery autocomplete textbox containing list items

How to display current date in SharePoint 2010 Page?

Get manager of current SharePoint user using SPServices and GetUserProfileByName

Cascading dropdownlist in SharePoint 2010 list using jQuery

Disable multiline textbox and single line textbox in SharePoint using jQuery

Set Default value for Status column on your NewForm.aspx using Jquery

Update/Delete SharePoint 2010 List Item using Javascript

Posted By SagarP
09-Jan-2014 11:36 AM
Views 617

Add jQuery in visual web part in SharePoint 2010

JQuery reference in Application pages in SharePoint

Call jQuery to SharePoint page using master page

Call jQuery to SharePoint page using Content Editor web part

Deploy jQuery to SharePoint using solution package

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