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SharePoint Articles By Category: Infopath (79)

How to publish an infopath form to an email in SharePoint 2013?
Posted By Bijay Kumar
24-May-2016 5:15 AM
Category : Infopath
Views 733
In this post we will discuss how we can publish an infopath form to email in SharePoint 2013. Here we will not go the design of the form. For this example I have created a very simple form having with 4 fields (3 single line textbox and one radio bu...

How to publish infopath forms as content type in sharepoint 2013?
Posted By Bijay Kumar
23-May-2016 5:07 AM
Category : Infopath
Views 542
In this post we will discuss how we can publish an InfoPath form as a content type in SharePoint 2013 site. Once we publish an infopath form as a content type, then we can reuse the template in multiple sharepoint list or libraries in the site as we...

Deploy Administation approved InfoPath forms in SharePoint 2013
Posted By Bijay Kumar
29-Feb-2016 3:21 PM
Category : Infopath
Views 637
In this post we will discuss how we can deploy an administration approved InfoPath forms in SharePoint 2013. Here I have a simple Feebback InfoPath form which I have designed using InfoPath 2013 designer. You can even open your forms using InfoPath ...

SharePoint 2013 InfoPath 2013 Tab order issue in form
Posted By Bijay Kumar
16-Sep-2015 8:12 AM
Category : Infopath
Views 1376
In this post we will discuss one of the SharePoint 2013 InfoPath issue related to tab order. In one InfoPath form we have few input fields and when we published the form and checked in the browser, the tab order was not working.From specific one inp...

SharePoint 2013 InfoPath Submit option multiple click issue
Posted By Bijay Kumar
13-Sep-2015 4:31 AM
Category : Infopath
Views 968
Recently we faced one issue while simply assigning a value to a textbox using rule in SharePoint 2013 InfoPath form. I have an InfoPath form which has a textbox and a Submit button. In the Submit button I was trying to set a static value to the text...

InfoPath 2013 People Picker browse button does not work on InfoPath form Nothing happens after click
Posted By Bijay Kumar
06-Sep-2015 4:30 PM
Category : Infopath
Views 1389
Recently while working in a SharePoint InfoPath form library we face a very strange issue. When we Opened the InfoPath form and try to click on People Picker browse icon, nothing happened. Basically it did not open the find people dialog box. Neithe...

Print issue with SharePoint 2013 InfoPath form
Posted By Bijay Kumar
26-Aug-2015 6:33 AM
Category : Infopath
Views 984
Recently we have faced issue with Print in a SharePoint 2013 InfoPath form. When user tried to take print of an InfoPath form, it prints extra blank 6/7 pages apart from the pages which has content.We have customized an InfoPath form and we have cre...

InfoPath 2013 Navigate to NewForm page on button click from EditForm page using JavaScript or jQuery
Posted By Bijay Kumar
13-Aug-2015 8:01 AM
Category : Infopath
Views 1742
In this post we will discuss how we can navigate from NewForm.aspx page to EditForm.aspx page with query string parameter from a button click using JavaScript and jQuery. Here the form is customized using InfoPath 2013.You may like to read:- Add Bul...

SharePoint 2013 Calculate business day from InfoPath date picker or Get Day from selected date in Date picker in InfoPath 2013
Posted By Bijay Kumar
24-Jul-2015 8:35 AM
Category : Infopath
Views 1624
In this post we will discuss how we can get business day from InfoPath date picker based on the selected date. Also we can get Day from selected InfoPath date picker selected date. Let us say I have a Date picker in my InfoPath form, on selection of...

Embedded images and files disabled in richtextbox infopath sharepoint 2013
Posted By Bijay Kumar
16-Jun-2015 2:29 AM
Category : Infopath
Views 1819
If you are customizing your list form using InfoPath and if you list contains rich textbox then you may see the upload file or image option will come as greyed (if it is a browser enabled form). You can see the fig below:If you are using normal out ...

InfoPath How to submit form to SharePoint Library as well as SharePoint List with specific Fields only?
Posted By Bijay Kumar
21-May-2015 2:21 AM
Category : Infopath
Views 2002
In this post we will discuss how we can submit an InfoPath form data to a SharePoint document library as well as to a SharePoint list in SharePoint 2013.Assume you have a SharePoint InfoPath form and you want when user submit the form it should save...

Open InfoPath form Hyperlink in Same Window in SharePoint 2013
Posted By Bijay Kumar
13-Apr-2015 8:30 PM
Category : Infopath
Views 3835
In this post we will discuss how we can open InfoPath hyperlink in same window in SharePoint 2013. Recently in one of my InfoPath form, I was in a need to put one hyperlink in one of the views in the InfoPath form. You can check out this article to ...

There has been an error while processing the form while open opening InfoPath form in Edit mode
Posted By Bijay Kumar
13-Apr-2015 8:28 PM
Category : Infopath
Views 3366
Recently I came across an issue while trying to view an InfoPath item I was getting the error as: There has been an error while processing the form. This was working fine while adding new item to the list. But when I am trying to view an item by cli...

Format Date in InfoPath form in SharePoint 2013
Posted By Bijay Kumar
18-Mar-2015 7:33 AM
Category : Infopath
Views 3202
Recently I got a requirement to display current date in a single line of textbox based on some rules. For this requirement you can use the InfoPath inbuilt function known as today() or now(). But here we will see how we can format the date from the ...

InfoPath not Dead yet Got life in SharePoint 2016
Posted By Bijay Kumar
14-Feb-2015 9:00 PM
Category : Infopath
Views 3636
Here is a good news for InfoPath lovers (both developers, end users and for everyone) InfoPath 2013 will be supported in SharePoint 2016, the new version of SharePoint which will release soon. You can check more on this on this article.According to ...

Allow user to open document in client application rather in browser in SharePoint 2013
Posted By Bijay Kumar
14-Feb-2015 8:57 PM
Category : Infopath
Views 2164
We have a document library where user can able to upload various office documents like word, excel or powerpoint. Now whenever user want to open the document then it is opening in the browser but the requirment is not to open in the browser, it shou...

How to create auto increment field on form load in infopath?
Posted By Aditi Das
14-Feb-2015 8:08 PM
Category : Infopath
Views 3192
In this post we will discuss how to show an auto increment field in InfoPath form in SharePoint.Also check out:- InfoPath 2103 string-before and string-after function in SharePoint 2013- Get Manager Details for Logged in User in InfoPath 2013 or 201...

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