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SharePoint Articles By Category: CAML and LINQ (5)

Retrieve List items from SharePoint 2013 based on ID column using CAML Query
Posted By SagarP
30-Jun-2014 3:45 PM
Category : CAML and LINQ
Views 8530
In this article I have explained how to get items from a list based on the value of "ID".In SharePoint the best approach to get the data from SharePoint a list is to query those using either Server Object model or client object model. Using queries ...

Caml Query with Orderby Condition for dropdown columns in SharePoint
Posted By Anoosha
14-May-2014 10:41 AM
Category : CAML and LINQ
Views 1892
In this post we will discuss how to use CAML Query with Order by condition for dropdown columns. Also you can check out:- List Throttling in SharePoint 2010- Deploy custom images to SharePoint2010-

Task assigned to user or current user groups in SharePoint 2010 using CAML query
Posted By Navneet Singh
25-Feb-2014 6:05 AM
Category : CAML and LINQ
Views 5157
In this post we will discuss how we can assigned task to current user groups using CAML query.Also you can check out some posts on:- Use list column for Globally reusable workflow for list action in SharePoint 2010-

Download CAML designer for SharePoint 2013
Posted By Bijay Kumar
15-Dec-2012 3:08 AM
Category : CAML and LINQ
Views 7129
Here is finally the wait is over !CAML designer for SharePoint 2013 is available for download.CAML designer 2013 is available to download which required .Net framework 4.5. You can install in Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012.Download CAML designer f...

LINQ to SharePoint 2010
Posted By Admin
18-Dec-2011 4:54 PM
Category : CAML and LINQ
Views 5892
In this post we will discuss about LINQ to SharePoint 2010. Also you can check out my previous posts on: Disadvantages of CAML over LINQ in SharePoint 2010, Query a List by using CAML in SharePoint and SharePoint designer workf

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